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We are now official distributors of various Black Garlic products including:

 Black Garlic Bulbs

Black Garlic Sea Salt

Black Garlic Powder

Black Garlic Puree



Our First Open Fire Grill.

I chose the Kudu over other open fire grills, mainly because I felt it had more versatility. It will poach, steam, stir-fry, stew, broil, bake, fry, grill, sear, saute, BBQ, and simmer. Based on Braai cooking in South Africa, it is such a great fun way of inviting friends and family to gather around, have a drink and be a part of the cooking process and the conversation!

                           LETS GET Grilling!

What makes this Kudu African Safari grill so cook friendly is its ability to accommodate and adjust to the different elements of cooking. Heat. timing and methodology. Two vertical rods attached to the fire pit, allow the shelves to swivel out of the heat zone and to be raised up or down to control heat exposure. The basic unit comes with two shelves. One is a grate and the other is a cast iron skillet called a "Plancha". I added an African Dutch oven called a "Potjie", a cover to smoke and BBQ, and an attached wood shelf. Open fire cooking is a little different. You have to take into consideration other factors such has ambient moisture and wind, but it is so much fun and provides a great sense of accomplishment! 

                               BLOG SPICE OF TODAY




Flavor/Taste: Mild licorice with a peppery aftertaste

Historical Remedies: Internal: Ancient hiccup cure. External: Eyewash (boil in water, steep and let cool).

Use: At the end of the cooking cycle or the last minute of cooking. Do not boil!

Origin: Chervil is an annual plant in the parsley family. It is native to southern Russia and the Middle East.

Folklore/History: It is often connected with Easter in Europe, where it is eaten as part of the Easter ceremony. This is probably because of its similarity to the odor of myrrh, one of the three gifts of the wise men to baby Jesus. Chervil is also known as Sweet Cicely.



Braai picture_edited.jpg


The best BBQ spice blend you will ever use, hands down!

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